Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wind Turbines in Blackdog, Scotland: a major problem


I’ve had a request to write a blog on wind turbines in Blackdog Scotland. I'd really never before heard of this little town of 82 families but I think they may be the perfect example of what’s wrong with government and the wind turbine fiasco. Blackdog is becoming the victim of an environmental tragedy, a tragedy the people of Blackdog neither asked for nor permitted. I willinclude a link that will give you better info on this but I would like to concentrate on the wind turbines in general here.

As countries throughout the EU abandon their failed attempts at wind power, there are still a few that continue to throw away billions of much needed tax dollars on what is, at best, an intermittent energy source requiring generator backups; at worst, this is a full blown ponzi scheme. Those who do just a little research will understand this quickly enough. It’s the families of Blackdog and the families of all the towns around the world forced to take on wind turbines that I am concerned about.


Imagine you buy a lovely home in a quiet rural setting. You have chosen this rural life for its peace and serenity. Then one day the government walks in and tells you they are putting a wind farm next to your land. You have no choice. All the placards & town meetings with turbine officials will have no effect. The government wants these wind turbines. In Ontario these companies are given carte blanche to ignore provincial and federal wildlife regulations. These “bird blenders” are often put in bird migratory routes. The groups you think that should come to your rescue Like the WWF are silent. In Ontario they destroyed a bald eagle's nest just to make an access road. In California wind turbines are killing condors, a bird the government has spent millions on trying to save from extinction (see video below). People are complaining of a host of human health issues and these issues are being recognized by the health community. Just not by governments.

So now you are a home owner beside one of these monsters. You can’t sell because no one wants to live near one. You understand that like in Ontario, the power output is minuscule (usually .05% of required energy needs on a good day) so you know they’re a complete waste of money. Your health is affected.

So you organize. You fight back. 60 of the 82 families in Blackdog rejected the construction of the wind turbine substation yet it’s still a go. Fighting seems to do nothing. What do you do? You get the word out. Not only about your plight about the ponzi scheme that is the wind turbine industry.


Lets keep it simple. Would you buy a car that got .5km to the tank but put out 0% emissions? Now the car is also a million dollars and the government is forcing you to buy one. You say to yourself,  "Sure I want 0 emissions, but not at this cost," but now you have no choice. The car will be built in a foreign factory so no jobs will be produced & the amount of power to build and ship these monsters would take decades to receive from said auto. Now the maintenance costs of the car are unbelievable which also eats up more of your dollars. (With a wind turbine, every time the wind stops a generator must be used to balance the flow, costing even more money). Oh, and every time a bird or an animal walked by it would die. How is this sounding so far?

 Well this is the wind turbine industry. Few jobs, massive upkeep costs, massive environmental costs, massive production costs, ill affects on human health, and little return on investment. Take Ontario for example. The liberal government her has spent $17 billion putting up wind turbines. They have circumvented nearly every ecological law, ruined countless acres of our most beautiful landscape, killed countless animals & birds, affected peoples health and for what? On average they produce (when running) .05% of our total energy requirements! Now they are paying producers to not produce even the pathetic amount of power they do produce. But guess what, they want to put five times more wind turbines up on some of our most ecologically sensitive landscape. We are paying them not to produce and they want to build fives times more turbines! Thats like parking your SUV because it uses too much gas and then buying five more SUV's!

Or perhaps you would like to live beside one of these when they blow up. Yes sir these little beautys fail in a most spectacular fashion. watch these videos and tell me if you would feel safe living around one

The people of Blackdog are like any small community which is under attack from wind turbines and bad science. Its time this kind of abuse stopped. Governments are supposed to work for the people, not agendas and foreign corporations. They have a website where all they ask is that you sign in and help them get the word out. Information is power and if enough of us stop consuming the dogma the environmentalists and governments are feeding us maybe, just maybe we can make a difference. Spread the word. As a matter of fact spread the word about the poor bastards in your own area that are forced to live this nightmare. That could help too.

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  1. The wind farm scam is deliberate de-industrialization per Agenda 21